How do I sign up to be a Lalamove driver?

Lalamove and Deliveree are the top 2 app-based logistics systems, and both of them are aggressively seeking for new drivers and experiencing significant development. The website claims that a Lalamove motorbike driver can earn IDR 300,000 per day. The recommended payment range for drivers of cars is 300,000–500,000 IDR. The range of heavy truck drivers’ daily salaries is IDR 700,000. Of course, this figure will increase if you take orders more frequently. When receiving an order, you might occasionally need to pay a toll or parking fee in advance before asking the customer to reimburse you. It does happen that customers don’t always wish to exchange your money.

Deliveree will pay you back for any unpaid expenses if you provide sufficient proof to support your claim. Unfortunately, Lalamove does not offer this kind of assurance. Both Deliveree and Lalamove provide direct ordering support. Only the hours listed in the table above are available for contacting Lalamove. Deliveree provides more dependable direct booking support that is available 24/7 to assist you with any issues pertaining to your purchase. For anything other than placing an order, you can get in touch with the driver support hotline. Every day, news on bonuses, promotions, and other topics will be sent to you. These are the Cara daftar Lalamove dan persyaratan lengkap.



Selecting a Type of Vehicle:

The following topic in the series on how to sign up for Lalamove Driver & Deliveree is the type of vehicle that is accepted. Make sure your vehicle complies with the regulations and can be accepted on the platform of your choice because profits will vary based on the type of car. The kind of car you drive affects your ability to earn more money. In comparison to Lalamove, Deliveree is a better platform for Fuso and Tronton drivers. Compared to markets for other types of autos, both are less competitive. You can earn more money by accepting more orders. Lalamove was created with a focus on same-day services and a lot of advantages for small to medium orders. This is shown in the diversity of vehicles available, which range from directions on registering Lalamove motorcycles to medium lorries. Your car must also adhere to the specifications specified below. Lalamove only offers pickups and drop-offs in Jabodetabek and a few other key Java Island cities. Lalamove motorbike driver registration is currently very active in these big cities.