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Safety in Electricity

At Mr. Electric, we place a high priority on electrical safety. Count on the expertise of our electricians to keep your place of business or residence safe at all times. Electrical safety inspections, childproofing outlets, and whole-house surge protectors are just a few of the services we provide to our customers. For your house and company, look at the many services we provide.Learn more about electricians in Gastonia, NC.

A Child-Protected Outlet

Children and their visitors are protected by child-proof outlets since there is no substitute for continual, uninterrupted adult supervision. All new houses must have tamper-proof outlets, also known as tamper-proof receptacles; as of 2008, the National Electrical Code (NEC) mandated their installation.

Alternating Current Device Replacement

Electrical equipment connected to a circuit must have sufficient electrical capacity to avoid triggering a circuit breaker or blowing a fuse. Replacing circuit breakers may sometimes solve overload concerns without the requirement for an electrical panel update, successfully addressing electrical demands and averting electrical fires.

Individually Controlled Electronic Circuitry

Your company’s computers are essential to its operations. Mr. Electric can install a breaker that exclusively controls your computer equipment to prevent tripped or blown fuses. When computers are turned on, other workplaces’ electrical equipment can’t shut them off.

Updates to the Electrical Code

The National Electric Rule (NEC), the nation’s single code of safe electrical installation, is revised every three years to ensure that persons and property are protected from electrical risks. Is your house in compliance with the 2014 National Electrical Code?

Inspecting and Testing of Electrical Systems

The most common reason for property damage in home fires in the United States is an electrical problem. A complete and competent electrical safety examination is required to detect and remedy safety concerns. By scheduling a free appointment, you may get a prioritized list of suggestions for your home’s electrical safety assessment from Mr. Electric.

Replacement and Installation of GFCI Outlets

In places like the kitchen, bathroom, and garage, GFCI outlets are a need to prevent electric shocks. It’s easy to spot these by their “test” and “reset” buttons, which are located on the outlet itself. A circuit breaker is triggered whenever an imbalance is detected in the quantity of electricity flowing in the circuit. When an outlet detects a problem, it immediately shuts off the energy.