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The Main Functions of Potting Soil and its Important Basics to Use

The plants can be grown on the land as well as using pot. If the plants are cultivating in a pot then specialized potting soil is required.  This is entirely different for the other soils such as garden and topsoil.

Topsoil: it is the soil available naturally over the land. It does not have any specified quality. It may be rich or low in organic components. Sometimes it may be derived from the dead leaves or animals.

Garden Soil: It is the mixture of topsoil and other fertilizers to improve the quality of the soil to support plant growth.

Potting Soil: This type of soil is created with special qualities like balanced chemicals, drainage control, and aeration supports for the benefit of plant growth. Whatever the plants growing on the pot or container this potting soil is much important to get better results. Fine, what are the main functions of the potting soil? Here we go,

  • The potting soil helps to keep the wet nature to retain the moisture that the plants needed and most importantly it holds the nutrients that the plants need for growth.
  • The potting soil will provide well aeration to the plant root to breathe well and supports to survive during the difficult situation.
  • The ingredients present in the potting soil will help to fix the root strongly and properly into the soil. Also, those ingredients support the balanced environment to the root to keep the plant alive.

garden shop Singapore

In some places, the garden soil is mixed with some fertilizers and additives and used as potting soil. In case the people are interested to make their own potting soil then they have to adjust according to their needs.  But the available potting soil in the market has some simple mixer of the basic items only. There are several brands of potting soils are available in the Singapore market. Picking the right potting soil singapore is crucial. Hence, some knowledge of potting soil will help to pick the right one. Some of the basics of potting soils are,

  • The potting soil must be fluffy and light in nature to use in the container.
  • The potting soil should be made by using pine bark, peat moss, and vermiculite.
  • The addition of fertilization should carry according to the slow release or starter charge.
  • The watering pattern should be used since the potting soil contains moisture retains components.