How to Laminate a Business Card

Business cards are usually not the kinds of things that people want to preserve for as long as possible, but if you have one that has a lot of sentimental value to you, it might help to try to keep it safe and secure once all has been said and is now out of the way. A more practical benefit to ensuring that your card lasts longer than might have been the case otherwise is that it gives you a reliable reference for future cards that you might want to print.

Perhaps the single best way to secure your metal cards is to laminate them. The reason behind this is that the lamination will create an impenetrable plastic coating around the card that will not allow moisture to damage it, and as if that weren’t already enough it would also prevent the card from bending which is yet another thing that can truly ruin it. One thing that you might be wondering after learning all of this is how you can go about laminating your business cards, and for that you will need a laminating machine.

Once you have this machine, place a sheet of plastic on it, put your card on the sheet and then press another sheet on top of it. You can then bring the upper heating element of the machine down, and it will melt away all of the excess plastic along with sealing the edges. Take care not to leave any air bubbles in the plastic, because they can be impossible to remove and they will oxidize your card which defeats the initial purpose of lamination entirely because of how destructive oxygen can be.