massage near me in Denver, CO

Relaxing and Soothing Massage Near Me in Denver, CO


Body massage is a scientific manipulation of the soft tissues and muscles of the body to provide a relaxed and calm mind. It is used to manage stress levels and enhance the body’s wellness. Thus, you can get a relaxing and soothing massage near me in Denver, CO.

Famous Massage Techniques

There are multiple types of massages available in today’s world. Out of them, three distinct massages offer immense benefits to individuals. These are-

  • Myofascial Release Massage– “Myofascial” refers to the massage of muscles and connective tissues under the skin. The fascia is a web of connective tissue present below the layer of skin. In this type of massage, the therapist kneads and stretches the muscles and the connective tissues to release tension and tightness.
  • Lymphatic Massage– The lymph nodes are the essential parts of the human body. It contains lymphatic fluid that performs several crucial functions, like maintaining the fluid levels in the body and removing waste products from the body. Lymphatic massage is a brilliant technique to cure inflammation, arthritis, and mastectomies.
  • Prenatal Massage– This massage is specially designed for pregnant women. It helps to address the aches and pains of the fetus or the baby growing inside the womb. The prenatal massages reduce the pressure from the hips to reduce the swelling in the feet and legs of the mother. The baby gets tremendous benefits when the mother is relaxed and feels good.

Health Benefits

The benefits of massage therapy are-

  • Reduction of stress and anxiety– The calming effect produced during and after massage therapy significantly reduces stress and anxiety levels. It focuses on the body’s sympathetic nervous system that confers a feeling of relaxation. It also decreases the feeling of anxiety and fear by reducing the levels of cortisol hormone.
  • Improved sleep– Insomnia is becoming a common problem due to hectic schedules. The increased blue light from electronic devices reduces melatonin levels (a hormone responsible for inducing sleep). Massage therapy stabilizes the individual’s mood by increasing serotonin, dopamine, and neurotransmitter levels. These gradually help increase the levels of melatonin to offer sound sleep.


Massage therapy offers tremendous health benefits. It is similar to the deep stretching technique for relaxing the muscles. It is an excellent option for losing the tightness of the neck, shoulders, and back.