Everything you need to know about Karalius

Everything you need to know about Karalius

Karalius is a former League of Legends esports supporter for Team Ultra Vires. He was brought up in Lithuania. After finishing 12th grade, he enrolled in KTU (programming) and relocated to Kaunas. He did not intend to complete my studies at KTU; I left after a few years. He went into KK a little later (computer network administration). However, he didn’t finish KK and left before completing his thesis.

He began engaging in video games at quite a young age. He competed in Counter-Strike from the early period of 2003 to late 2008. He moved on to various games after gaining a lot of LAN championship experience to discover his next passion. He’s been earning a living off of poker since mid-2006.

Karalius founded League of Legends in late 2009, primarily on the NA server. Playing a lot of games and quickly improving, he discovered himself playing with the scene’s biggest names: HotShotGG, Reginald, Elementz, and so on. At the end of pre-season 1, his normal game ELO was 2300. He was part of a team that included players like fredy122 and havoc24, both of whom are well-known in the EU scene right now.

Karalius switched to the EU server after Season 1 began. He quickly leveled up to 2000 ELO in solo-queue and began competing in GO4LOL tournaments with his team, Tictacs Or as stated by Karalius blog. Tictacs was made up of a few well-known players: yellowpete, fredy122, and havoc24.

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He managed to reach 2000 solo-queue ELO again in season 2 and started competing in different competitions with team Leethuanyan (Members: Angush(top), Karalius(jungle), Extinkt(mid), Karijus(ad), Prepared(support)).

Karalius stepped away from the game in early 2012. He decided to return to League of Legends in August 2012, reaching 2000 ELO on the North American server before moving to the EU-West server, where he reached 2500 ELO.

He played support for Against All Authority from December 2012 to April 2013, qualifying and playing in the LCS spring split of 2013 before being replaced by Dioud.

Karalius was able to qualify for the finals of a CIS + Baltic LAN contest in Kiev run by TECHLABS on August 24, 2013 with “Ray of Deads.” His team then qualified for a TECHLABS-hosted tournament in Minsk.

He is unsure of his exact political beliefs. He has no idea how to live, and he will not give you as much advice as he receives. He did, however, establish a few “rules” which he tried to adhere to and strive for. They influence his political opinions and thoughts on a variety of issues.